Terraflos is a startup focused on improving the quality of life through the potential of plants, technology, and nature; its philosophy holds that the future and well-being of people can be enhanced through the natural resources surrounding us. The two main pillars of work are based on Cellular Agriculture and Synthetic Biology, which open a world of possibilities to discover new benefits provided by plants.

It's formed by six sub-brands that play a fundamental role in the research, development, and production processes of each product.

We teamed up with Terraflos to develop a new rebranding strategy, visual ID, and Tone of Voice for the leading brand and its six sub-brands. Inspired by the production flow, the connections among the specific role of each brand, and the clash between nature and technology, we generated a visual id. that matches the startup's spirit. "Technology rooted in nature".




                                                                            AGENCY:      BBDO: Studio / Plug Collective
                                                            @bbdoargentina / plugcollective.io

HEAD OF DESIGN:     Laureano Menendez
                  Motion Lead:     Antonella D'Ambrosio      
        DESIGNER:     Alfoncina Sanchez
      CLIENT:     Terraflos®     


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